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What are the causes of damage to the CNC wood router spindle

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Jul 13, 2020
Users who use CNC wood router know that the spindle is the core component of the engraving machine. However, the problem of spindle failure is often encountered during use. And there are many reasons for the spindle damage including the spindle itself, the conditions of use and others. Today, Blue Elephant helps you analyze the common causes of spindle damage.

The quality of the spindle
The quality of the spindle directly affects the length of its service life. Poor quality spindles are unavoidable in high-intensity work environments. Therefore, when choosing the spindle motor of the engraving machine, we must choose a company with strong production strength and good reputation such as Blue Elephant.

The usage of the spindle
Users who use the engraving machine know that the spindle selected by the engraving machine with different functions is different. The most representative of them are ordinary woodworking engraving machines and stone engraving machines. The cutting force of stone engraving is far greater than that of woodworking engraving, and a water cooling device needs to be added during the engraving process. The woodworking engraving machine's spindle design requirements do not have waterproof conditions. Therefore, we must know the use of the spindle to avoid necessary damage.

Poor spindle cooling system.
The cooling system of the spindle of the engraving machine is mainly divided into air cooling and water cooling. Especially for users who use water cooling, if the long-term water cycle is not good or if they forget to turn on the water cycle, the machine will have a thermal expansion effect after a long period of work and the friction will increase. At this time, the bearing pressure will increase and the spindle will easily break.

Continuous working
The speed of the spindle of the engraving machine can reach 24,000 revolutions per minute. If the continuous high-intensity work is too long, it will cause great damage to the spindle. Therefore, Blue elephant recommends that the engraving time should not exceed 12 hours.

Improper operation
First of all, when the engraving machine is working, if the spindle speed has not reached the specified working speed, engraving will easily cause damage to the spindle. Secondly, when the engraving machine receives different resistances when engraving different materials, if the speed is not adjusted in time, the spindle will be damaged.

Inadequate antifreeze measures in winter
Because of the low temperature in winter, the water freezes easily. If the user does not drain the residual water inside the spindle in time after use, the volume of residual water will increase and the spindle will be frozen. Therefore, in some northern areas, we recommend adding antifreeze to prevent unnecessary damage from freezing the spindle in winter.

These are the common causes of spindle damage. Blue Elephant reminds users to pay attention to these issues during the purchase and use process to avoid unnecessary damage to the spindle. If you also have questions about the use of the spindle, maintenance and repair skills, you can contact us too. We will have a dedicated after-sales service team and a technical team to answer your questions.