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Do you know what are the wearing parts of the 5 axis CNC machine?

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Jul 13, 2020
The 5 axis CNC router is sought by more and more domestic and foreign users by virtue of its complete functions, simple and convenient operation, wide application range. However, in the process of using the engraving machine, it is inevitable that the accessory will be damaged. Today, Blue elephant will take you to know what are the wearing parts of the engraving machine? How to prepare for the measures.


The tool is a major consumable for the CNC engraving machine. It is also related to the engraving effect and engraving speed. Therefore, when engraving different work pieces, the customer should select the tool according to the characteristics of the work piece and the processing characteristics, so that the engraving effect can be achieved with half the effort. In addition, the tools have their own life cycle, which is about 20 days. So in order not to affect the normal use of the machine, we must prepare these tools in advance, do not wait until the tool resources are exhausted.


The belt of the engraving machine directly affects the transmission of the machine, thus affecting the normal operation of the machine. During the use of the machine, it is easy to cause damage to the belt due to improper operation and other factors. In addition, the belt has a limited life cycle. We need adjust the tightness of the belt during use, check the belt usage in time, and replace it in time.  And we also need to make enough inventory to prepare for the unexpected.


The spindle of the engraving machine can be mainly used for high-speed engraving, drilling and milling, drilling, etc., and its application is more extensive. It plays an insignificant role in the entire process. In the daily use process, due to cooling problems, improper operation, long working hours and other reasons, the life of the spindle is shortened. Therefore, stock up in advance to prepare for the unexpected.

In addition, relays, sliders, limit switches are also wearing parts of the engraving machine. Blue Elephant reminds us that we are ready to prepare spare parts during the purchase process. In order not to affect the use of the machine and delay our production schedule, we must make enough inventory for the wearing parts.