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The Latest Overview of Furniture Making Machines 2021

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Aug 06, 2021
Furniture making machines basically refer to the electronic or computer numerical controlled machines used for making different furniture. These machines help in making furniture products of various functions. For example, doors, windows, tables, chairs, cabinets, stair railings, office furniture, etc. Without the furniture making machines, you can’t shape the wooden structure and make various furniture products suitable for home and office settings. There are currently many types of furniture machines in the market these days. These furniture machines have many easy-to-use features that can help in enhancing the production levels and quality in a major way. With the right furniture making machines, you can also increase your profits.

This article introduces 5 categories of the most commonly used furniture making machines and recommends several best-selling wood furniture machines for you. In addition, it also offers two pieces of advice for buying a furniture making machine.

Furniture making machines: CNC router

The CNC routers is by far one of the most commonly used furniture making machines in the world. Such furniture making machine makes use of a computer numeral control method to manage its functions. Using numerical control technology has also improved the productivity, accuracy and use efficiency of the furniture manufacturing machines. Therefore, it offers far greater accuracy than that provided by traditional tools. The CNC router furniture machines are the indispensable machines for almost all furniture manufacturers.

CNC routers with different configuration could achieve various furniture making processes. For instance, cutting, engraving, drilling, milling, and pocketing, etc. Here, I'd like to introduce a type of CNC router wood furniture machines suitable for engraving complex 3D patterns or cylindrical furniture parts.

4 axis CNC router wood furniture making machine

As the name mentioned, 4 axis wood furniture machines can process in 4 axes. Generally, this type of furniture making machines fall into two models. One is the real 4 axis CNC routers, which have a spindle that can swing 180° from left to right. So it engrave on wood materials from multiple directions, or groove or drill on sides of the wood panels. Hence, the wood furniture machines can make 3 dimensional patterns. The other one is the CNC routers with a rotary device. It is quite convenient for the engraving work on cylindrical furniture. For example, legs of tables and chairs, handrails, columns, pillars, etc.

Therefore, the 4 axis CNC routers have wide applications in making furniture of traditional or complex styles.

The machine uses a variety of imported CNC router kits, with stable processing performance and long service life. In addition, size of this furniture making machines can be customized, which is convenient for making furniture of larger size.

The picture below shows the handrails and a table made by the 4 axis CNC router furniture machines. 

Furniture making machines: nesting CNC machine

Similar to CNC routers, the nesting CNC machine is also one of the most commonly used furniture making machines in the industry. The nesting CNC machine is the best suitable cutting machine for panel furniture and custom furniture making. But different from CNC routers, the CNC nesting furniture machines are capable for long time cutting operation. Numerous furniture making factories use the CNC nesting furniture machines to cut and drill cabinet products. For example, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, closets, shelves, etc.

The major difference between CNC router machines and nesting CNC machines is that CNC routers are mainly used to engrave patterns on furniture panels but not suitable for an enormous amount of cutting work. Whereas, the nesting CNC machines are mainly for cutting panel furniture and capable of long time cutting.

If you have enough budget, you can also add other functions to the nesting CNC furniture making machines. For example, automatic labeling, automatic loading and unloading platform, double platforms, two saws, drilling package, etc.

Multi-process nesting CNC furniture making machines

Multi-process nesting CNC machines mainly include double-process nesting CNC machines, three-process nesting CNC machines, and four-process nesting CNC machines. According to the number of processes, the nesting CNC furniture making machines can equip different spindle motors.

Each spindle can carry a tool, so that when you need a knife, the corresponding spindle will automatically come down to work. And the rest of the spindles will stop and rise to standby, saving the trouble of manually changing tools. Therefore, the four-process nesting CNC furniture making machines can realize up to four processes. It is very suitable for the production of cabinets and cabinet doors.

In addition, you can replace one spindle of such cabinet making machine with a drilling package to perform drilling operation. In this case, the multi-process nesting CNC cabinet making machine can meet most of the cutting, carving and vertical drilling needs in furniture making. It significantly saves time and labor.

This video shows the working process of the four-process nesting CNC machine. It has four heads and can realize the drilling, grooving and nesting process without shutting down the machine during work.

Linear ATC CNC router machining center

The disadvantage of the multi-head nesting CNC machines lies in that the number of spindles installed is limited. So the processes the machine can achieve is finite too. If you need more processes in furniture making, you can choose the linear ATC CNC router. It is an advanced furniture making machine compared with the multi-head nesting CNC furniture machines. Such machining center has a linear type tool magazine, which can hold over 8 tools. So it can achieve over 8 processes.

In addition, this furniture making machine also has an automatic labeling device to finish the labeling work before cutting. The automatic loading and unloading platform saves labor and time and increases the work efficiency.

The following picture shows the cutting process of our nesting CNC furniture making machines.

Furniture making machines: edge banding machine

The edges after cut are rough and unattractive. Besides, because of the production process, the panels will release formaldehyde through the exposed edges. However, the edge banding process can hide the rough and ugly edges, and also inhibit the release of formaldehyde. This makes the home more environmentally friendly and healthy.

Therefore, edge banding machine is also one of the frequently used furniture making machines. Such furniture making machine is mainly for the edge banding process of panel furniture. It falls into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic types. The fully automatic edge banding machine is much better than the other two, no matter in banding effect or efficiency. But the semi-automatic type is necessary for banding the irregular edges.

Here I'd like to introduce an automatic edge banding machine for CNC cabinet making.

High automation of this furniture making machine greatly improves the efficiency of edge banding, and saves labor and time. The machine is easy to operate. You just need to put the panel to be banded on the worktable and then slowly push it forward into the machine. The subsequent processes are all done automatically by the edge banding machine.

Let's see the edge banding process in the video below.

Furniture making machines: wood drilling machine

Drilling is an indispensable process in furniture making. It is conducive for the subsequent installation of screws, hinges and other connection parts and for the assembly work. This makes the wood drilling machine a vital category of the furniture making machines. The CNC wood drilling machine is a better choice than the hand drill machine, because it's more safe, efficient and precise. Application of the CNC wood drilling machine not only decreases the production cost of customers, but also increases the production efficiency.

The furniture making machines designed for drilling process include nesting CNC machine with multi-head drill, side drilling machine, and six-sided drilling machine. The drilling effect and efficiency achieved by different wood drilling machines are quite different.

Most nesting CNC machines with row drills can do vertical drilling while cutting. But if you want to drill holes on the sides of the panels, a side drilling machine is a perfect choice.

Fully automatic side drilling machine


Six-side drilling machine for furniture making

If you are looking for drilling with high efficiency, the six-sided wood drilling machine is a good choice.

Furniture making machines: vacuum press machine

From the current market changes, although the solid wood furniture is still loved by many consumers, the thermofoil cabinets and doors are also gaining more popularity. That is because the customer demands for individuality, environmental health and cost performance have changed.

Some customers may have special requirements on color or wood grain of their furniture. Coating a layer of PVC film can meet these requirements. Such PVC film has a wide range of styles in thickness, color and grain. The thermofoil cabinets and doors are exquisite and fashionable, easy to clean and also avoid scratching and falling off. Good quality PVC film is also waterproof, moth-proof, flame retardant, and zero formaldehyde.

Hence, I recommend the vacuum press machine for CNC cabinet making.
In addition to PVC film, this machine can also carry out other functions such as wood veneer lamination and transfer printing. It is the ideal choice for thermofoil cabinets and doors.
Please check the following feedback video of the vacuum press machine sent to us by a Malawian customer. He is using this machine to make thermofoil cabinet doors.

Other auxiliary furniture making machines

Apart from the above most commonly used furniture making machines, there are plenty of small-size or auxiliary furniture making machines. For example, sliding table saw, profiling corner trimming machine, hinge drill, CNC wood polishing machine, etc. These machines can achieve multiple functions, such as cutting, slotting, corner rounding, drilling hinge holes, polishing, etc.

All these auxiliary furniture manufacturing machines can be used independently or together in a furniture production line. Use of these furniture making machines has significantly increased the furniture production efficiency, saved labor and time. The price of such auxiliary furniture making machines is relatively cheaper than the above-mentioned furniture machines. That makes them very cost-effective.

Furniture production line

Nowadays, most furniture making machine manufacturers offer complete furniture production lines, which contain many furniture manufacturing machines. For instance, the non-porous process cabinet production solution, thermofoil cabinet door production line, cabinet production line and so forth.

The furniture machines in a furniture production line can be freely combined to meet different processing needs. For example, if you make thermofoil cabinet doors, then you may need a vacuum press machine in your production line. The free combination allows you to choose a proper furniture production line for your factories, greatly improving efficiency and increasing profits.

How to choose furniture making machines

After talking about so many furniture making machines, do you know how to choose one? Currently, there are many companies that excel in the development and production of furniture manufacturing machines. By getting in touch with them, you can find the exact type of furniture manufacturing machine you are looking for. Since these furniture machines come at a hefty price, so you should have a discerning approach when you are looking to buy one of them.

Here are two tips for choosing furniture manufacturing machines.

Make clear your processing needs and budget

Although they are all wooden furniture, different processes require different furniture making machines. For panel furniture, furniture production lines that include a variety of machines are the best choice. However, for personalized European or traditional Chinese style furniture, the complex engraving style on the legs, frames or handrails will require a 4 axis wood CNC router.

You need to choose the furniture machines based on your processing needs.

If you make cabinet body only, you can choose the four-head nesting CNC machine, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine and side drilling machine.

If you make thermofoil cabinets and doors, you can choose the linear ATC CNC machining center, edge banding machine, polishing machine, vacuum press machine, etc.

In case of making custom non-porous process furniture, you may need non-porous process nesting CNC machine, edge banding machine, vacuum press machine and side drilling machine, etc.

What's more, you can also choose the sliding table saw, hinge drill, corner trimming machine and other auxiliary furniture manufacturing machines for your production line. If you have enough budget, the nesting CNC machine can equip a drill kit, automatic loading and unloading platforms, doubt work platforms.

Choose a qualified furniture making machine supplier

This relates to how to choose a good CNC machine manufacturer. If you require a furniture production line, I recommend buying all the furniture machines from one supplier. This guarantees the settings and connections of all the machines and the after-sales services, avoiding passing buck to each other after the failure.

When choosing a furniture machines manufacturer, you need to find out if the manufacturer has design, production and after-sales service strength, and whether its production process is reasonable, etc. A qualified manufacturer with strength can guarantee the performance stability and precision of the furniture making machines and safeguard the after-sales services.

You can also visit the factories of the furniture making machine supplier to see the machines in person before buying.


For furniture manufacturers, furniture making machines are definitely a worthwhile investment. Whether a single furniture making machine or a complete furniture production line, it can greatly improve the efficiency and save time and labor of furniture manufacturing. In addition, because of high automation level and simple operation, one person can operate 2-3 machines at the same time. This also helps in improving the production efficiency. The finished furniture products have many characteristics, such as high precision, fashionable styles, durable use, etc.

To buy furniture making machines, there are two main things to pay attention to. One is your own processing needs, and the other is to choose a suitable furniture making machine supplier.

The former can help you determine the type of machine you need and avoid buying unsuitable machines at a high price. Since different processing needs require different machines, so you need to determine your own needs before buying. The latter requires you to screen carefully to prevent that the quality of the furniture machines you bought are not qualified, and there is no good after-sales service.

In case of encountering any problems in buying a furniture making machine, feel free to tell me. I will help you choose suitable furniture machines.