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2022 Newest Laser Cutting Machine Price 

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Feb 07, 2022
Laser cutting machine price has always been a concerning topic at home and abroad. Especially those novice buyers, they are more concerned about the cost of laser cutting machine for sale. For example, what is the laser engraving machine price? What will affect the laser cutting router machine price? Where can I buy a cheap laser cutting machine? Questions of this kind are endless.

As we all know, laser cutting machines use advanced laser technology to convenient people realize a great, precise, and burr-free metal and non-metal board cutting. Below, in this article, I will make a complete laser cutter price research for you. Moreover, I will explain why the laser cutting machine is so high, how to calculate the laser engraving machine price, and how to buy a cost-effective laser cutting machine.

I.Why is a Laser Cutting Machine Price Expensive?

When it comes to the laser cutting machine, everyone firstly recommends that it is very advanced CNC equipment. Then is that it has an expensive price. So why is the CNC laser cutting machine price expensive? And do you need to buy a laser cutting machine?

First of all, the advantages of the laser cutting machine are very obvious, with the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision, stable operation, saving, and environmental protection. 

For instance, the good-quality laser beam will only leave traces on the surface of the material. With this advantage, it will not produce any debris. Thus it is much cleaner and more environmentally friendly than the traditional CNC machines. Besides, it has a much faster cutting speed and high resource utilization. It can greatly save your working efficiency and material resources. 

In addition, it uses a high power laser. An entry-level laser cutting machine is equipped with very weak lasers, which are suitable only for light engraving or cutting. Employing an under powered laser to cut a thick or hard material can ruin the surface, requiring expensive material replacement.

In conclusion, it is undoubtedly worth buying and worth the price.

II.How much does a Laser Cutting Machine Cost?

To be honest, so far, there is no brand of laser CNC machine on the market at a fixed price. Because different customers have different DIY needs. Besides, the laser cutting machine for sale is affected by many aspects, such as size, part configuration, shipping, etc. So how is the laser cutting machine price calculated? 

How to calculate the laser engraving machine price?

CNC laser cutting machine price is the sum of machine parts, design technology, and all services. So, when you plan to calculate a laser cutter cost, you must add the part cost, technology cost, and the extra fees together.

First of all, the configuration of the laser cutting machine is more complete and higher-end. For example, as a very professional laser cutting machine supplier, Blue Elephant has been cooperating with world-class parts suppliers to ensure machine superior processing results and stable operating conditions. All laser cutting machine kits are basically imported from a well-known brand, such as Yaskawa, Leadshine, Schneider, Syntec, Shimpo, etc., so the laser engraver cost will be much higher.

Secondly, it uses more environmentally friendly and highly efficient laser technology to achieve perfect cutting and engraving of a variety of materials without damaging the surface of the material. This advanced laser technology can process without cutting burrs and without manual secondary processing, saving a lot of manpower and time. The upgrading of this technology has also invested a lot of wisdom and wealth, so it also increased the price cost to a certain extent.

Third, the laser machine after-sales service and patent cost can not be ignored. Sometimes, the training fees, laser cutter maintenance costs, laser engraver packing fees, and laser cutting machine shipping costs also cost a lot. Furthermore, inventing a patent has to pay a lot. Patent invention requires a lot of manpower, material resources, as well as financial resources. Therefore, all these extra fees also need to add to the laser cutting machine cost.

III.Price Differences between Metal and Non-metal Laser Cutting Machines

Following is the price range of these several laser cutting machines. But it is for reference only. The final laser cutting machine for sale price will be determined by the actual situation.
Wood laser cutting machine price $3,000-$9,500
Metal laser cutting machine price $15,000-$60,000
Acrylic laser cutting machine price $5,400-$15,000
Fabric laser cutting machine price $6,000-$16,000
MDF laser cutting machine price $5,600-$14,500

Non-metal laser cutting machine price

Wood, acrylic, fabric, and MDF are all belonged to non-metal materials. Seeing from the above price table, it is clear that the non-metal laser cutter cost ranges from 3,000 dollars to 16,000 dollars. And most of them are less than ten thousand dollars. They are laser cutters with good quality and low price. It is widely used in clothing, leather, cloth toys, models, crafts, advertising decoration, packaging printing, and other industries.

Metal laser cutting machine price

If you are looking for the metal cutting machine price, steel cutting machine price, or tube laser cutting machine price, here are three typical metal laser cutting machines for sale. They are metal sheet laser cutting machines, metal tube laser cutters, and double-use laser cutting machines for metal sheet and tube. For the former two kinds of laser metal machines, you can purchase within 50 thousand dollars. Thus you can see that the metal cutting machine price or steel cutting machine price is not very high. While the latter may be purchased by more than ten thousand dollars higher. By the way, the tube laser cutting machine price is a little higher than the sheet laser cutting machine price. Because steel tube is more complex to cut and engrave. It needs 3D processing.

IV.Two Major Laser Cutting Machine Price

Fiber laser cutting machine price $25,000-$95,000
CO2 laser cutting machine price $3,000-$16,000

1.Fiber laser cutting machine price

According to different cutting functions and cutting materials, fiber laser cutting machines can be divided into the following several metal laser cutters. The following is the price range of these fiber laser cutting machines, for reference only.
Model Price
Sheet fiber laser cutting machine $15,000-$50,000
Tube fiber laser cutting machine $15,000-$50,000
Metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine $20,000-$60,000
Automatic coil fed fiber laser cutting machine $45,000-$95,000
Exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine $32,000-$80,000

It is not difficult to see from the above table that the three more expensive fiber laser cutting machines are the Metal sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine, an automatic coil fed fiber laser cutting machine, and the exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine. 

The exchange platform is simple and practical. With it, a lot of mechanical failures are largely avoided. In addition, the exchange platform can realize simultaneous loading and unloading of materials. Besides, it also has the functions of automatic focusing, automatic edge seeking, and automatic cutting. All these features reduce non-production time and improve work efficiency.

The dual-use laser cutter can perfectly cut both metal sheets and metal tubes. It combines two functions in only one machine, which will save a lot of space. Moreover, it can also extend the laser cutter design types and help you produce more different laser projects for sale.

Automatic coil fed fiber laser cutting machine has very high automation. It adopts a support roller, which rotates to feed the metal sheet at a regular cutting speed. This machine is specially designed for thin metal sheets and its bearing capacity can reach up to 10T.

2.CO2 laser cutting machine price

The price of a CO2 laser cutting machine is much cheaper than that of a fiber laser cutter. Generally, the small size CO2 laser cutter price is about $3,000-$9,000, such as the 960 CO2 laser engraving machine or the 1390 CO2 laser cutting machine. But for a larger size laser cutter with a  working area of 1300*2500mm or 1300*2600mm, they may cost about $6,000-$15,000. For instance, the 1326 acrylic laser cutting machine price is sold at about 8,000 dollars.

V.Factors Affect the Laser Cutter Price

Many customers will find that the prices of laser machines on the market vary greatly. Even if the configuration is similar, the prices of laser machines of different brands vary greatly. So what does the cost of a laser cutting machine depend on? The cost of a CNC laser cutting machine is determined by the amount of factors, such as the machine manufacture, area, power, kind, used, and the complexity of your parts. All these factors must be taken into account when calculating the laser CNC cutter costs.


A laser is a device that can emit laser light. It is the core optical element of a laser cutting machine. According to the working medium, it can be roughly divided into four categories: gas, solid, semiconductor, and dye lasers. The price of laser cutting machines fluctuates greatly depending on the type and capabilities of the laser. Among them, the solid laser is small in size, easy to use, and has a large output power. In addition, the preparation of the working medium is complicated, so the price is more expensive. Gas lasers, especially the most common CO2 lasers, are simple in structure and low in cost. At the same time, it can work stably and continuously for a long time. It is the most widely used type of laser, with a market share of 60%.

2.Used laser cutting machine price

Though the developed countries also have a lot of people who intend to purchase a used laser cutting machine for the attractive low cost, second-hand cutting machine for sale has more often been seen in undeveloped countries. For example, we have customers all over the world, and many of them in India pretend to consult for a used laser cutting machine. On the one hand, the second-hand laser engraving machine price is cheap enough within their budgets; on the other hand, they don’t need very high cutting precision. And the used laser cutting machine price is several thousand dollars cheaper than the new laser cutting machine price. Therefore, as conclusion, the used laser cutting machine is their good choice. 


Model Material Power
Fiber laser cutter Carbon steel 1kw
Brass 3kw
Aluminum alloy 1kw-2kw
Stainless steel 1kw-8kw
CO2 laser cutter Non-metals 30w-300w

The higher the power of the laser, the higher the cost of the CNC laser cutting machine. If you plan to cut metal, tough hardwood, or other dense materials, you need a higher power laser cutter compared to cutting thinner materials such as cloth. For example, fiber laser cutting machine needs about 1kw when cutting carbon steel; 1kw-8kw when cutting stainless steel plate; 1kw-2kw when cutting aluminum alloy; 3kw when cutting brass; 4kw when cutting zinc steel. And CO2 laser cutting machine only needs to choose 30w-300w laser power to cut most non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, acrylic, glass, wood, etc.

As above, most of the laser power of fiber laser cutting machine starts at kilowatts, and the price is more than 20,000 dollars. However, the highest power of a CO2 laser cutting machine is only two to three hundred watts, or even tens of watts, and the average price is several thousand dollars. On average, the power of a fiber laser cutting machine is ten times that of CO2, and the price is equivalent to six or seven times the price of a CO2 laser cutting machine.

4.Extra fees

Laser cutting machine price in America, laser cutter cost in Australia, laser cutting machine price in the UK, or laser CNC cutter for sale in India definitely are very different from each other. Because the distance between different countries has a big difference, so customers will according to the actual situation choosing different transportation methods. At the end, the shipping freight will be very various. At the same time, whether you choose to LCL, disassembly, or transportation of the whole machine, they all affect the freight price. In addition, there may be other additional fees, such as training fees, technical support fees, etc.

VI.Protective Cover Laser Cutting Machine Price

What is the protective cover laser cutting machine? It is a kind of laser cutter with a protective cover designed for people with higher environmental requirements. A fully protected laser glass cover ensures safer operation and protects the environment. Its price is slightly higher than normal laser cutting machine. A little higher, about $5,000-$10,000 higher. And the overall price ranges from $20,000 to $100,000.

The laser cutting machine equipped with a protective cover is expensive because it has many advantages. First of all, the full protective cover is designed and manufactured with special stainless steel materials, which ensures the robustness and durability of the protective cover. Second, when the fiber laser cutting machine cut and engrave materials, due to the good airtightness of the protective cover, the generation of noise is avoided. Thirdly, some dust particles from the outside are blocked, ensuring that the fiber laser cutting machine is not affected by external environmental factors. Fourth, the dust generated by cutting will not leak out, and the cleanliness of the workshop can be ensured. Therefore, a laser cutting machine equipped with a safety shield is more expensive than an unequipped laser cutting machine.

3 Popular laser cutting machine with protective cover

  Following is the working video of the high precision Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine of Small Size. It is engraving patterns on the metal sheet.

VIII.Cheap Laser Cutter for Small Business 

These three laser cutting machines are sold at the best price: desktop laser cutter, low power laser cutter, and domestic laser cutting machine. 

Desktop laser cutting machine is also known as the small laser engraver, hobby CNC laser machine, or mini laser cutter. It has a small working table size, mainly 600*900mm, 1300*900mm, 1300*1500mm, 1300*2500mm, etc. Therefore, it usually has a very tiny footprint and is very suitable to put at home or other small places.

Low power laser cutting machine price is so cheap that even a CNC hobbyist can afford it. How much power can be recognized as low power? I think 30w, 50w, 60w, 90w, 100w, 130W can all be thought of as low power because high power laser cutting machine can reach 1kw or even 10kw. This laser machine with low power may be sold at about 2,800 dollars to 6,000 dollars. If you work in a small workshop or you are a laser design hobbyist, don’t hesitate to purchase one low-power laser cutter.

Domestic laser cutting machine price absolutely is more economical than imported laser cutter price. It consists of domestic CNC laser machine parts instead of imported well-known laser kits. The relatively low price doesn’t mean bad quality. It just saves some customs clearance fees and transportation costs. If you don’t require a high cutting precision or make some complex laser products, I think it is a very ideal choice for you.

VII.How to Buy the Best Laser Cutting Machine? 

If you want to buy the best laser cutter, please make a consideration here:
  • Which material is processed? In which size and thickness?
  • How complex the laser cut is?
  • What kind of laser machine manufactures do you look for?
  • How high-end the machine configuration is?
  • What is your planning purchase budget?
  • Do you need a DIY design or other extra services?
Think about the above questions clearly and finally find an answer. Then it is not difficult to find out the best and most fitful laser cutting machine for yourself. 

Word at Last

In conclusion, several common and popular laser cutting machine prices have been introduced in detail. For instance, the fiber laser cutting machine price is higher and the CO2 laser cutter price is cheaper. The metal laser cutting machine cost is more expensive than the wood laser cutter cost. On the one hand, many style laser cutting machines with different functions are recommended to you to meet your processing plans. On the other hand, you will find a method to buy the best low cost laser cutter. I think almost every main aspect of the laser cutting machine price is mentioned above. If you still have other unsolved laser cutter price problems, please feel free to contact us. 

By the way, I will make a brief self-recommendation. We Blue Elephant is an international leading professional laser cutting machine supplier. We have sold laser CNC cutters in America, Britain, Australia, India, Indonesia, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and many other countries all over the world. We can promise you that our laser cutting machine has very fight quality, high cutting precision, stable operation, fast speed, and good after-sales service. And I believe that our excellent laser CNC machines will bring you more benefits. Hope you will find something useful in this article.