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5 Axis Stone CNC Bridge Saw Quartz Countertop CNC Machining Center

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3D 5 Axis CNC Stone Cutting Bridge Saw for Quartz, Granite, Marble

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  • Brand : Blue Elephant
  • Model : ES5-3220
  • Category : Stone CNC Machining Center
  • Price Range : $30,000 to $40,000 / Set based on the configuration
  • Payment Terms : T/T/Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover cards
  • After-sale Service : Free professional machine operation training.
  • Supply Ability : 200 Sets per Month

5 Axis Stone CNC Cutting Bridge Saw

5 Axis Bridge Saw for Slate Cutting


This stone CNC machining center can cut quartz, marble, granite, and rock slabs with a powerful saw blade. It combines a saw blade and CNC router tools to achieve multiple advanced functions. For example, cutting and milling straight and inclined edges, chamfering, cutting arc edges, polygon, edge milling, edge tracking, and other powerful functions. The 5 axis bridge saw is widely used in the stone processing plants, kitchen countertop processing, background wall profiling, and other fields.


1. It adopts 5 axis bridge cutting head, which is independently researched and developed and adopts the cast rotating bracket. This ensures good stability and flexibility during operation.
2. This bridge saw uses a high-precision RV reducer, ensuring better rotating precision of the cutting head.
3. It has built-in CAM software in the control system for the convenient of drawing designs and programming. Besides, it’s easy to learn the software to make designs.
4. The worktable can flip automatically up to 80 degrees, reducing human labor and facilitating the unloading process.
5. This bridge saw is ideal for cutting slabs of quartz, marble, granite and stone.


ES5-3220 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw
Working travel X, Y, and Z 3200*2000*500mm
C axis ±185°
A axis 0-90°
Moving speed X axis 30m/min
Y axis 30m/min
Z axis 15m/min
Servo motor X and Y  VEICHI 1.3KW servo motor
Guide rail X, Y, and Z: # 30
Rack X、Y 2M T-WIN
Worktable Structure Square timber
Worktable size 3200×2000mm
Turning angle 0-80°
Max. weight for turning 800KG
Saw Dimension 300/450 mm
Max. cutting thickness 80mm
Ball screw Z 3210 PREYP
Reducer X/Y: SHIMPO
Saw motor 11KW BRICH motor, Rated: 1500r/min  
Inverter 15KW BRICH
Control system Blue Elephant customized system (built-in CAM software)
Low-voltage electronics SCHNEIDER
Working air pressure 0.7-0.8Mpa
Voltage 380V/3P/50HZ
Overall dimension 5.8×4.5×3.3m
Weight 5.5 ton

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Frequent Asked Questions

What machining processes can this machine complete?

It can complete edge milling, curved edge cutting, countertop cutting and milling, inclined edge cutting, arc edge cutting and milling, wash basin cutting and other processes.

What software and control system does it use?

This 5 axis stone bridge saw is provided with a built-in CAM software with Blue Elephant customized control system dedicated for stone CNC machine. The interface is human friendly, so it is easy to learn and operate.

Can the worktable rotate?

Yes, the worktable of this machine can flip up to 80 degrees to facilitate the unloading of stone slabs. It also improves work efficiency and saves human labor.

Stone CNC Machining Center Details



Saw blade

Saw blade

Inclined cutting

Inclined cutting

Engraving with tool

Engraving with tool


The 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw is good at cutting, milling, chamfering and edging quartz, marble, artificial stone and slabs in regular and irregular shapes. It can realize countertop cutting, bridge cutting, roman column cutting, arc line cutting, concave-convex cutting, and irregular edge cutting and milling.
The automatic stone cutting bridge saw can process products of sanitary ware, stone furniture, interior decoration, and other fields. For example, wash basins, bathroom countertop, stone tables, dinning tables, kitchen tables, kitchen cabinet basins, background wall, roman edge stone decorations, etc.


stone cnc machining center sample
stone cnc machining center sample
stone cnc router sample
stone cnc router sample

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