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Laser Cutting Machine

What is a laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC laser equipment. It uses CO2 laser or fiber laser beam to cut metal and non-metallic materials into 2D or 3D shapes and contours. CNC laser cutters are widely used in industrial manufacturing, school education, small businesses, home businesses, small shops, home shops, hobbyists, and craftsmen. The kits and parts of the CNC laser cutter includes a controller, frame, laser generator, power supply, laser tube, laser head, lens, laser mirror, chiller, motor, drive, cylinder, air compressor, air tank, Cold filter, dryer, dust collector, numerical control software and numerical control system. Laser cutting machine is also called laser engraving machine, CNC laser cutter, CNC laser cutting machine, laser CNC machine, laser cutter engraver, laser cutter and engraver, and laser cutter near me.
Compared with the traditional metal cutting machines or acrylic cutting machines, the laser machine belongs to non-contact processing. The laser head has no contact with the workpiece. And it will not scratch the surface of the workpiece during work. The wood laser cutter near me or the metal laser cutter uses an invisible laser beam to replace the traditional mechanical knife. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, smooth cut, and low processing cost.

How does a laser cutting machine work?

The laser beam is a kind of light, which is produced by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions). However, the laser only relies on spontaneous emission for a short time. The subsequent process is completely determined by the excitation radiation. Therefore, the laser has a very pure color with no divergence direction. And it has extremely high luminous intensity and high coherence.
Under the control of the computer, the laser is discharged through pulses. Then the pulsed laser beam is transmitted and reflected through the optical path and is focused by the focusing lens group. A tiny, high-energy-density light spot is formed on the surface of the workpiece, and the focus is located near the surface of the workpiece. The workpiece melts or vaporizes at an instant high temperature. As a result, each high-energy laser pulse immediately sputters a small hole on the surface of the object. Under the control of the computer, the laser processing head dotting according to the pre-drawn graphics, thereby processing the object into the required shape.
As the laser beam moves relative to the workpiece, the material is finally cut to achieve the purpose of cutting. Different laser power can process different workpieces with different thicknesses. Generally speaking, thicker workpieces require higher laser power.

How about the main process method of the laser cutting machine?

1. Laser vaporization cutting

In the laser vaporization cutting process, the surface temperature of the material rises quickly, which can avoid melting. So part of the material vaporizes into steam and disappears, and the other part is blown away by the auxiliary gas flow from the bottom of the slit. To prevent material vapor from condensing on the slit wall, the thickness of the material must not greatly exceed the diameter of the laser beam. This processing cannot be used for materials that are not in a molten state, such as wood and certain ceramics.

2.Laer fusion cutting

In this method, the workpiece is partially melted and the molten material is sprayed out by airflow. Because the transfer of the material only occurs in its liquid state, the process is called laser fusion cutting. Laser fusion cutting can get a higher cutting speed than laser vaporization cutting. In laser fusion cutting, the laser beam is only partially absorbed. The maximum cutting speed increases with the laser power increasing and decreases with the thicknesses of the sheet and melting temperature rising.

3.Flame cutting

The material is ignited under the irradiation of the laser beam and undergoes a fierce chemical reaction with oxygen. Next, it generates another heat source to further heat the material, which is called flame cutting. Its cutting rate is higher than that of laser fusion cutting. However, the incision is rough and the slit is wide, which is not conducive to processing precision models and sharp corners.

4.Control fracture cutting

For brittle materials that are easily damaged by heat, high-speed and controllable cutting is performed by laser beam heating, which is called controlled fracture cutting. The cutting process is: the laser beam heats a small area of the brittle material, causing a large thermal gradient and severe mechanical deformation in this area. Then it leads to the formation of cracks in the material. As long as a stable heating gradient is maintained, the laser beam can make cracks in any desired direction.

The Difference between Laser Cutting Machine and Traditional CNC Cutting Near Me

Method Slit Precision Speed Deformation Cost
Laser cutting Very narrow higher slow Very small expensive
Plasma cutting wide high fast large cheap
Flame cutting Very narrow higher slower Smaller Very expensive
Water cutting wide high fast small expensive
Fusion cutting Very wide low slow Very large cheap
From the above comparison table, we can see that the CNC laser cutter has the advantages of a narrow slit, high precision, and small deformation. And in the 1950s and 1960s, flame cutting was used as the main method for cutting medium and thick plates. After the 1970s, precision flame cutting and plasma cutting were promoted. To reduce the manufacturing cycle, CNC nibbling and electrical machining technology have been developed. Various cutting methods have their advantages and disadvantages and have a certain scope of application in industrial production. The development and application of CNC laser cutting machines are undoubtedly a major improvement and innovation breakthrough in modern industrial production.

How many types does the laser cutting machine have? 

CNC laser cutting machines include the CO2 laser machine, YAG laser cutting machine, and fiber laser cutting machine. Based on different structures, the laser wood cutting machine or metal laser cutting machine includes several types. For example, gantry laser cutting machine, cantilever laser cutting machine, robotic CNC laser cutting machine, etc.
In terms of laser power, the CNC laser cutting machine can have high power, medium power, and low power models. A high-power laser cutting machine is mainly for cutting purposes, like the wood laser cutter or sheet metal laser cutter, etc. A low-power laser cutting machine is mainly for cutting non-metals and engraving metals. Like the best laser engraver for wood, laser CNC engraver for fabric, and laser engraving machine for metal.
According to the nature of the cutting material, the CNC laser cutting machine can have many types. For instance, steel laser cutter, laser CNC engraver, and laser engraving machine for metal. And also laser wood cutting machine, acrylic laser cutting machine, laser paper cutter, laser fabric cutter, leather laser cutter, and CO2 laser engraver for wood.
In light of the worktable size, it falls into home laser cutter machine, desktop laser cutter, hobby laser cutter, and large cutting and engraving laser machine. On account of the material shape, the CNC laser cutting machine can have the sheet metal laser cutter, and tube cutting engraving laser machine.

What materials can be cut by a laser cutting machine?

Metal materials: sheet metals, carbon steel, stainless steel, tool steel, spring steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, alloy, titanium, iron, brass, manganese, chromium, nickel, cobalt, etc.
Non-metal materials: wood, leather, MDF, plywood, chipboard, acrylic, plastic, PMMA, fabric, glass, cardboard, paper, rubber, EPM, foam, PES, PUR, neoprene, textile, bamboo, ivory, carbon fibers, PVC, PVB, etc.

What industries can the laser cutting machine apply to?

Laser cutting machines have extensive applications in various industries. For instance: Aerospace, automotive, electronics, semiconductor, mobile phones, computers, sheet metal processing, tube cutting, printing, packaging, garment, advertising, crafts, artworks, gifts, furniture, decoration, medical equipment, advertising sign production, voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchenware, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, glasses industry, circuit boards, medical microelectronics, hardware, etc.

What projects can be made by laser cutting machines?

1.Free 3D laser cut wood projects

Nowadays, 3D models are becoming more and more popular, especially for children and those collectors. Wood laser engraving machines and 3D laser cutters can laser cut wood panels pieces to make free 3D wood models, such as car models, animal models, and building models. Of course, 3D laser cutters can also laser cut and engrave some life necessities, such as 3D wood pencil cups, wood cupboards, and wooden boxes.

2.Laser-cut colorful metal projects

Metal laser cutters for sale can meet your many metal ideas, such as guitar pics, speaker grills, boat anchor, keyboard covers, bottle openers, aircraft dash, copper bookmarkers, and so on. As long as you can think of, no matter what shape or size, the metal laser cutting machine can almost meet all your requirements.

3.Laser-cut acrylic projects

The acrylic laser cutting machine can make acrylic signs, which are deeply loved by companies, hotels, advertising, and other industries. In addition, the acrylic laser cutter can also make many types of acrylic decorations, such as wall arts, table decorations, small ornaments, jewelry, etc. Moreover, due to the corrosion resistance characteristics of acrylic materials, acrylic laser cutting machines can engrave beautiful and durable acrylic decorations. Besides, the acrylic laser cutter can let acrylic lights combined with LED lights of different colors, which can illuminate and decorate the room.

4.Laser-cut custom foam projects

Laser foam cutting machines can cut hard foam, soft foam, plastic, sponge into various shapes such as squares, rectangles, strips, etc. Then it is used to make some large foam models, which are deeply loved by the auto industry. Besides, the foam laser cutting machine can produce some customed foam packings to pack products of various shapes.

5.Laser-cut beautiful paper projects

A laser paper cutter can make boxes. The simple small box can be made with 2 laser-cut cards or only 1 piece. This is usually much cheaper than buying prefabricated ones. It is useful for those who sell jewelry or other small items. Therefore, you can also call it a cheap laser cutter. Besides, the laser paper cutter can also make some Chinese culture paper cutting crafts to collect or decorate.

3 popular laser machine cutters recommendation

According to laser generators, the most common CNC laser cutting machine includes the fiber laser cutting machine, and CO2 laser cutting machine. The following is an introduction to the characteristics of the two CNC laser cutters and their respective market positioning. 

Fiber laser cutting machine

A fiber laser cutter transmits the laser beam through the optical fiber. It has the features of high flexibility, fewer failure points, convenient maintenance, and fast processing speed. In addition, the photoelectric conversion rate of the fiber laser cutter is as high as 25%. So the advantages of fiber laser cutters are quite obvious in terms of electricity consumption and supporting cooling systems.
The wavelength of the fiber laser cutting machine is 1.064um, which is easily absorbed by metals. So it is also known as metal cutting machines, or metal laser cutting machines. As an emerging laser technology, a fiber laser cutting machine is far less popular than a CO2 laser cutter.
Name Parameters
Laser type Fiber laser
Laser wavelength 1.064um
Power 500W-12000 W
Beam quality <0.373mrad
Working table size 1300*2500mm, 3000*1500mm, 4000*1500mm, 4000*2000mm, 6000*2000mm (customized)
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm/m
Repeatability positioning accuracy ≤±0.02mm
Processing materials Metal (stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, alloys)
Voltage 380V/50Hz/100A (customized)
Advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, low power consumption, small slits, good spot quality, less maintenance.
Main market positioning: the fiber laser cutter is mainly used for fine cutting in the field of metal material processing. It is suitable for users and manufacturers who have higher requirements on processing precision, processing efficiency, and processing quality.

CO2 laser cutting machine

Laser wood cutting tools on CO2 laser cutting machines can be used to cut wood panels pieces with high quality. The wavelength of the CO2 laser is 10.6um, which is ten times of the fiber laser. It is relatively easy to be absorbed by non-metals. But the photoelectric conversion rate of the CO2 laser cutter is only about 10%. The CO2 laser cutting machine has a nozzle for blowing oxygen, compressed air, or inert gas N2 at the head. It aims to increase the cutting speed and the smoothness of the cut. To improve the stability and life of the power supply, the discharge stability of the high-power laser must be solved for the CO2 gas laser. According to international safety standards, the laser hazard level has 4 levels. And the CO2 laser CNC engraver and cutter is the least hazardous level.
Name Parameters
Laser type CO2 laser
Laser wavelength 10.64um
Power 50W-2000W
Beam quality <0.373mrad
Working table size 1300*1500,1600*2500mm,1400*1200mm, 1300*2500mm or as requested
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.3mm/m
Repeatability positioning accuracy ≤±0.2mm
Processing materials Acrylic, glass, leather, MDF, paper, plastic, sponge, plywood, rubber, stone, wood, crystal, etc
Voltage 220V/50Hz/100A (customized)
Advantages: Since the CO2 laser outputs a continuous laser, it has the smoothest and best-cutting section effect when cutting. The wood laser cutter near me can cut and engrave a wide range of materials. For example, aluminum panels within 4mm, acrylic panels, wood panels pieces, and PVC panels.
Main market positioning: It is the best laser cutter for small business engaging in the sales of laser-cut products. However, it has a large maintenance cost and high power consumption. In recent years, the CO2 laser cutter market has been greatly impacted by fiber laser cutting equipment. But it still has distinctive features in cutting and engraving non-metal materials.

Metal laser cutting machine

The metal laser cutter is a laser cutting machine specially used for realizing CNC metal cutting. The emergence of metal laser cutting machines can be described as a technological revolution in the field of CNC metal cutting and engraving. A metal laser engraving machine can be divided into three types, such as laser sheet metal cutting machine, metal tube laser cutting machine, and metal sheet and tube laser engraving machine. Additionally, it is popular and can bring high benefits to manufacturers. Therefore, the metal laser engraving machine has a wide range of applications, such as aviation, aerospace, electrical appliances, automobiles, machinery, ships, metallurgical equipment, household appliances, decoration, advertising, etc.
Name Parameters
Laser type fiber laser/CO2 laser
Power 1000W-4000W
Working table size 900*600mm, 1300*900mm, 1400*1200mm, 1300*2500mm (optional)
Maximum speed 120m/min
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Positioning accuracy ≤±0.3mm/m
Repeatability positioning accuracy ≤±0.2mm
Advantages: The metal laser engraving machine has a large working table, large laser power, fast cutting speed, great processing flexibility, and good cutting quality. Generally, no secondary processing is required and it is not affected by the shape of the workpiece.
Main market positioning: It is fitful for 2D or 3D laser cutting thick metal sheets and tubes. And it usually applies to those industries which produce large pieces of equipment, hardware molds, automobile manufacturing, etc.

Features of laser cutting machine compared with traditional cutting methods

In the field of cutting, traditional cutting methods mainly include the blanking press or turret punch. The blanking press has a special cutting tool for each shape. While the turret punch has many small tools to punch out parts by cutting a limited number of hole sizes and some linear blades for the outer edge. However, the laser engraving machine for sale uses the laser beam to melt the materials in a non-contact manner. Therefore, laser equipment has many advantages compared with other cutting processes.

1.Low energy consumption.

A general blanking press or turret punching machine consumes a total of 50kW of power. It is equivalent to a 4kw laser system that usually uses a total of 10kW.

2.High security.

The blanking press has a large blade that can move up and down quickly to cut. It does not necessarily have a safety function to prevent the hand from getting stuck. Due to the high level of automation, laser wood or metal cutting machines can complete sheet or tube cutting automatically. It greatly decreases the human intervention during the cutting process and effectively protects the operator’s safety. Besides, the laser equipment with a protective cover can protect not only the operator’s safety but also the environment.

3.Save raw materials.

The so-called saving of raw materials is a more efficient use of materials. Since the cutting tool needs to cut the materials on both sides, at least a 12.7mm frame is left. For the laser cutting machine, if the parts have a common profile, they can be cut with a single cut without waste.

4.Cutting performance.

The blanking die can only be cut by exceeding the maximum tensile strength of the material. While the CNC laser cutting machine near me can cut any strength material at a high speed and high precision.

5.Low maintenance.

Blanking presses or turret punches have very expensive parts. And maintenance and replacement of such parts require a lot of costs. However, the laser sheet metal cutting machine or engraving laser machine requires less maintenance.

6.Flexible operation.

The traditional production line is equipped with a fixed design tool for each part. If the nature of the part changes, the design change is limited to the available tools. Otherwise, you must buy new tools and replace the available slots on the turret. The CNC laser equipment near me adopts programming technology, and the processing is very flexible and convenient. You can use the metal fiber laser cutting machine or CO2 laser to engrave and cut various kinds of products without changing any mechanical parts.

7.Fast processing speed and high production efficiency.

The blanking press takes 30 minutes to switch between cutting different parts because of changing dies. Laser CNC machines can change the program in a short time. This saves time and allows to run smaller production to reduce costs.

Why choose the laser cutting machine?

(1)Good cutting quality

Due to the small laser spot, high energy density, and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can obtain better cutting quality. Especially for small and exquisite cut products, the wood laser cutter near me is always the first choice. It is the best laser cutter for small business.

(2)High cutting efficiency

Because of the transmission characteristics of the laser, the entire cutting process can be fully controlled. During operation, you only need to change the numerical control program to apply the cutting of parts of different shapes. The laser engraving machine for sale can realize consistent two-dimensional cutting or three-dimensional cutting and engraving automatically in a long term. Without manual operations, the laser engraving cutting machine increases cutting efficiency greatly.

(3)Incredible precision

High precision is one of the greatest benefits that the best laser cutter and the best laser engraver bring. Laser cutting allows for highly accurate cuts that leave a clean cut and a smooth finish. This has helped products, components, and devices to become much smaller, and greatly reduces material wastage.

(4)Non-contact cutting

There is no contact between the laser head and the workpiece during laser cutting. And the heat-affected area is small. This minimizes the damage to the material surface. It also avoids the costly repair and maintenance schedules for moving parts that contact the materials. To process parts of different shapes, we just need to change the part design and the laser output parameters. The laser cutting process has the features of low noise, low vibration, and no pollution.

(5)Work with many materials

The laser cutting machine can cut various materials down in size or help to create complex and intricate shapes. For metals and alloys, we have metal laser cutting equipment, steel laser cutter, tube cutting laser machines, etc. As for non-metals and composite materials, we have the wood laser cutter near me, laser fabric cutter, leather laser cutter, laser paper cutter, and laser engraving machine for wood.

How much does a laser cutting machine cost?

As we all know, the laser cutting machine price will be more expensive than traditional CNC cutting near me. The cost of a laser cutting machine is mainly composed of the following parts:
  1. Parts and accessories
  2. Laser cutting system and laser cutting software
  3. Freight fees and tax
  4. Customs clearance fees
  5. Service and technical support fees
Generally, the cost of a fiber laser machine ranges from $2,500.00 to $300,000.00. The cost of a CO2 laser cutting machine ranges from $1,500.00 to $8,000.00.

4 Factors affecting the laser cutting machine price

Generally speaking, the price of a metal laser cutter is far more expensive than a CO2 one. The factors affecting the price of laser cutters for sale are mainly as follows:


We all know that brand is an added value of any product. The same goes for the laser cutting machine. The brand effect is reflected in the machine quality, kits/parts, performance, and after-sales service. Generally speaking, the cutting and engraving laser machines of big brands will have higher prices than those of small factories.

2.Table size

With the same other configurations, the price of large-sized laser cutting machines is higher than that of small-sized ones. The price of the customized best laser engraver for wood is higher than that of the regular-sized ones.
For example, the home laser cutter machine usually has a working size of less than 600*600mm. You may only pay several hundreds of dollars to buy such a laser cutter engraver. However, some metal laser tube cutting machines are in large sizes to process large-sized metal sheets. For instance, 3000*1500mm and 2000*4000mm. Such a laser CNC machine could cost you over $20,000.
In addition, if you want a custom-size CO2 laser engraver, you may have to pay a bit more than that in a similar regular size.

3.Laser generator brand and power

As we all know, the laser is the core optical component of the laser cutting machine. As for different laser generators, the laser beam quality is also distinctive. At present, imported lasers are superior to domestic lasers in terms of stability and beam quality. The price of imported brand lasers is also higher than that of domestic lasers.
For the same brand laser generator, the greater the laser power, the higher the laser cutting machine price. The CO2 laser wood cutting machine or laser engraving machine for wood usually adopts small power, like 130W and 150W. While the metal engraving and metal sheet or tube cutting machine adopt large laser power, like over 500W. So the price of the laser engraving machine for metal is far more expensive than a CO2 laser engraver for wood.

4.Other key laser CNC machine components

Other key components mainly include guide rails, rack, and pinion, motor, water chiller, etc. Their brand and quality are also the reasons for the price difference. Imported or famous brand parts and components will cost you much.
In conclusion, many factors affecting the price of fiber laser machines and CO2 laser machines. This includes brand awareness, core configuration, optional functions, processing requirements, manufacturers’ service, etc.

How to choose a laser cutting machine?

#1. Make clear your processing demands.

The first thing is to make clear your processing requirements, like processing material type and size, accuracy tolerance, etc. This helps you determine which type of CNC laser equipment you need. For engraving and cutting metals, you may look for a laser engraving machine for metal or fiber laser cutting equipment. In the case of engraving and cutting non-metals, the hobby laser cutter or home laser machine could be your best choice.

#2 Choose the right laser machine manufacturer.

This step matters a lot concerning the laser CNC machine quality you choose. Good manufacturers provide good quality CNC laser equipment with a complete quality assurance system and after-sales service system.
You can go to the market to get to know about the machine’s performance and some parameters. You can also choose a manufacturer with a good reputation for on-site inspections. And you need to conduct more detailed discussions on the price of the CNC laser machine, installation instruction, skill training, payment methods, and after-sales service.

#3. Choose the laser machine configuration.

You can communicate the configurations and specifications you like with the laser cutting machine manufacturer. All the configurations shall be based on your specific processing requirements. These laser cutting machine kits include lasers, laser heads, servo motors, guide rails, water coolers, etc. In case that you are not sure about the detailed specifications, you can talk to the manufacturer. I will recommend this to you.

#4. Sign a contract.

After determining all the details of the laser engraving cutting machine, sign a contract with the CNC laser manufacturer. This contract shall specify all the agreements made between you and the manufacturer. For example, the laser wood cutting machine model, configurations, price, shipping method, payment method, delivery date, advance, etc.

DIY laser cutter engraver or buy a desktop laser cutter?

DIY laser cutter and engraver has gained more popularity these days. But DIY laser cutting machines usually only apply to the home laser or desktop laser cutter for sale. Features of the DIY laser cutter and engraver include simple structure, practical usage, and low cost. However, DIY laser machines require you to have certain CNC basic knowledge and hands-on ability. Besides, it takes you much time to buy all the laser machine parts.
Buying a complete hobby laser cutter near me applies to any occasion. You can buy a wood laser cutter near me, an acrylic laser cutter, or a laser engraver for wood. Compared with a DIY laser cutting machine, buying a complete hobby laser cutter may cost you a lot of money. However, it has distinctive features, such as rigid structure, long service life, high precision, excellent processing quality, fast speed, etc. For the companies that live on the sales of or frequently require laser-cut or laser-engraved products, buying a laser engraving cutting machine is the best choice.

Best laser cutter for small business

With the rapid economic development, many small and medium enterprises are emerging. Therefore, to give these special enterprises more convenience, we also design some best laser cutters for small business. You can choose the following small laser cutters I recommend, for instance: hobby laser cutter, DIY laser cutter, desktop laser cutter, home laser cutter machine, small laser cutter, customized CO2 laser cutter, and so on.
Though the best laser cutter for small business is not widely used as the fiber laser machine, it can still process many kinds of materials. For example, it can realize CNC metal cutting, CNC wood cutting, CNC acrylic cutting, etc. It has a wood laser cutter near me, laser engraving machine for metal, laser paper cutter, laser acrylic cutting machine, etc. And this kind of small laser cutter is also known as the cheap laser cutter. It can provide laser cutting services for hobbyists near me.

How to use the laser cutting machine?

Firstly, we need to check whether all the connecting parts of the laser cutting machine are inserted correctly. Secondly, we should check whether all parts of the laser cutting machine can move freely. Then check whether there are processing materials under the processing table. Next, make sure that the work area and optical components are clean. In addition, check the exhaust system and start the cooling system if necessary. Finally, turn on the main power of the laser cutting machine and the CNC laser cutter starts to run.
1. Put the raw materials on the laser cutting machine table steadily
2. According to the material and thickness of the material, adjust the system cutting parameters of the laser cutting machine.
3. Choose suitable nozzles and lenses, and check whether their appearance and cleanliness are intact.
4. Debug the CNC laser cutter repeatedly to adjust the focus of the cutting head to a suitable position.
5. According to your processing needs, select the appropriate laser cutting gas and check the jet.
6. Draw and typeset the graphics to be cut, and Import them into the cutting system.
7. During the operation, staff are required to observe the cutting condition of the laser cutting machine on site. In case of emergency, the brake button must be pressed quickly.
8. When the laser engraving machine for sale is stopped, clean the guide rails, wipe the equipment rack, and often apply lubricating oil on the guide rails to ensure that there is no debris.

How to maintain a laser cutting machine?

The laser cutting machine price is not very cheap, so as far as possible to extend the service life of the laser cutting machine to better save production costs and win greater benefits. It can be seen that the daily maintenance of the laser cutting machine is very important. The following is mainly explained from six aspects:

1.Water tank cleaning:  

Before the machine works, make sure that the laser tube is filled with circulating water. The circulating water quality and temperature directly affect the service life of the laser tube. Therefore, we should regularly replace the circulating water and clean the water tank. This is best done once a week.

2.Fan cleaning:

Long-term use will accumulate a lot of dust in the fan, and make the fan a lot of noise. Besides, it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. When the fan suction is insufficient and the smoke is not smoothly exhausted, the fan must be cleaned.

3.Lens cleaning:

The reflector and focusing lens are easily stained with dust or other contaminants, which can cause the loss of laser or damage to the lens. So clean the lenses every day. Firstly, the lens should be gently wiped, and the surface coating should not be damaged. Secondly, the wiping process should be handled gently. Thirdly, when installing the focusing lens, be sure to keep the concave surface down.

4.Guide rail cleaning:

During the operation of the laser cutting machine, a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke will be generated. This smoke and dust will be deposited on the surface of the guide rail for a long time, which will have a great bad impact on the processing accuracy of the equipment. And it will also form corrosion points on the surface of the guide rail, shortening the service life of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, the laser CNC cutter guide rails should be cleaned every half a month. Remember that the laser cutting machine should be turned off before cleaning.

5.Fastening of screws and couplings:

After the motion system has been working for a long time, the screws and couplings at the kinematic connection will loosen, which will affect the stability of mechanical motion. Therefore, during the operation of the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to observe whether there are abnormal noises or abnormal phenomena in the transmission parts. At the same time, the laser cutting machine should use tools to tighten the screws one by one after a while. The first firming should be about one month after the equipment is used.

6. Lightpath inspection:

The light path system of the laser cutting machine is completed by the reflection of the mirror and the focus of the focusing mirror. The mirror is fixed by the mechanical part, and the possibility of deviation is high. Although there is no deviation under normal circumstances, it is recommended that the user check whether the optical path is normal before each work.

Precautions that we should pay attention to

The matters needing attention in operating the laser cutting machine are as follows:
1. Bear in mind the safe operation regulations of the cutting machine. Strictly follow the laser start procedure to start the laser, adjust the light, and test the machine.
2. The operator must be trained to be familiar with cutting software, equipment structure, performance, and the operating system.
3. Wear labor protection equipment according to the regulations, and must wear protective glasses when nearing the laser beam.
4. Do not process material before it is clear whether it can be irradiated or cut by laser to avoid the potential hazards of smoke and steam.
5. When the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave the pot or transfer it to someone who is not familiar with the laser cutter for sale. If you must leave, you should stop the machine or cut off the power switch.
6. When an abnormality is found during the processing, the laser cutter engraver should be shut down immediately. And then the fault should be eliminated or reported to the supervisor in time.
7. Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach. Turn off the laser or shutter when not processing. Do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable materials near the unprotected laser beam.