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Welcome Australian customers to come to test their machine

Author: Jack; Last Modify: Feb 27, 2020
With strong company strength, high quality product quality and perfect after-sales service, Blue Elephant is well known by more and more domestic and foreign customers. Our industry reputation is getting better and better, and our engraving machines are recognized by more and more customers.

This time we are receiving customers from Australia. The customer came here mainly for inspection, and came to the site to learn about the machine's operating procedures, precautions and maintenance techniques.

The machine purchased by the customer is a 1325 two-step engraving machine with row drills. This two-step engraving machine is equipped with two heads. The head is controlled by the cylinder and can be switched freely. No manual tool change is required, which reduces the error and improves the machining efficiency. It can easily achieve the ideal machining effect of the customer.

We first confirmed with the customer the relevant configuration of the machine, including the brand and model of the standard parts, and the addition of optional accessories. After the machine was confirmed, our engineers repeatedly demonstrated the operation of the machine and the use and precautions of the operating software for the customer.

Here, Blue elephant should remind the users that when the novice use the engraving machine, they should operate the machine in strict accordance with the operating standards of the machine. This protects the operator and ensures that the machine is not damaged. Taking into account the user experience, Blue elephant engraving machine is easy to operate and use, and it is easy to achieve your desired processing results. Therefore, it is definitely your best choice in the engraving machine industry.

If you have already purchased our machine, but you have any doubts about the installation, operation, maintenance and other aspects of the machine, you can contact us at any time. Our professional after-sales service team is always ready to provide you with online and offline services. CNC machine, we are professional and you deserve it.