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Saf-Gard® Safety Shoe Company Acquires Industrial Protection Products

By Bryan McMillan

Saf-Gard® Safety Shoe Company Acquires Industrial Protection Products

Greensboro, NC, USA. August 29, 2023 - Saf-Gard® Safety Shoe Company has acquired Industrial Protection Products (IPP) as it ventures into new PPE territory.

 The family-owned purveyor of safety footwear announced this acquisition as part of an ongoing project to extend its retail footprint and broaden its product offerings. This work began in 2007 with the creation of SR Max®, the company’s slip-resistant shoe division, and later the addition of Vulcan and Michigan Industrial Shoes under the Saf-Gard® umbrella. The goal, as company president Patrick Kubis puts it, is to “adapt to our customers’ ever-evolving needs and make strategic investments that will enable us to continue meeting those needs.” Considering what’s in the queue for 2024, that’s exactly what this acquisition is teed up to accomplish. 

Saf-Gard® has more than 40 years under its belt providing top-quality safety footwear and hassle-free, customizable corporate programs. But with the addition of IPP’s assets—in the making since 1977—the company will begin providing access to prescription safety eyewear as part of its corporate program offerings over the next year. That means more protective options for customers and greater risk reduction for employers.

Now operating as a division of Saf-Gard®, IPP team members and customers benefit in major ways too. Employees get the added support that comes with being part of a larger family-owned company. Meanwhile, customers receive the same quality products and exceptional service they’re accustomed to, but with a wider selection of brands, more ways to shop—including a larger fleet of Mobile Shoe Stores—and a larger in-house customer service team. 

This win-win scenario was no accident as IPP President & CEO Rick Murphy sought growth only without compromising on the company’s core values. He describes it this way, “As a New England family-owned company for over 45 years, my main goal was to keep the service-oriented customer focus that IPP has always had, yet be able to grow with the times in terms of product and technology offerings. Saf-Gard, with its excellent industry reputation, experienced team, and family-based culture, was a perfect fit for IPP.  We are very excited about the future.”

Bottom line, this acquisition leverages the strengths and values of both companies. According to Kubis, “That’s a prerequisite for smart investments. IPP has laid an incredibly strong foundation for both customer and employee engagement, which stems in part from its drive to treat people like people rather than a number. That resonated with us on a core level and is a major reason we’re so excited for them to join our team.” As these two key players in the safety footwear industry unite, Saf-Gard® appears well-poised for exponential growth over the coming years. 

Ashley Dillon
Chief Marketing Officer
119 E. Lewis Street
Greensboro, NC 27407

Categories: Company Information  |  Authored by: Bryan McMillan  |  Posted: 08/29/2023